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Moving From Simple to Advanced Vocabulary

"Even though our coursebook has a good amount of new vocabulary, students just don't seem to be able to take it in as easily as they did in previous years. It's even harder if they already know a much used synonym."

Yes, it's hard! And it makes total sense if you think in how many situations we humans follow this exact pattern: we learn how to draw a stick figure, and if that's enough for us to get the message across that this is a person, very few would actually attempt to draw a 3D character in the future; it's not fast enough, it doesn't feel necessary and it is going to be messy at first!

What if this was all part of a game though?

More often than not, students at a pre-intermediate or intermediate level have a passive knowledge of the more advanced vocabulary they come across in coursebooks - that is, when they read a passage or hear a word they understand what it means. When it comes to using it though, that's another story!

By using a simple game such as the one we have prepared for you, there's good chance your students are going to want to use the new vocabulary, just so that they can collect points and have some fun!

Follow the instructions on the first page and you're good to go!

Memory Game (Adjectives A2+)
Download PDF • 47KB

Memory Game (Verbs A2+)
Download PDF • 43KB

Enjoy! 🌸

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