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Baker Street Game - Free Worksheet

Baker Street Game
Download PDF • 324KB


Students communicate using their clues to find out where each person lives in the neighbourhood.

  • Best if played with 6-9 students.

  • x9 clues (for smaller groups the extra clues can be used as extra hints).

  • List of people who live in the neighbourhood (could be written on the board to facilitate the process):



Mrs Roland




  • Cut out the clues and pass them out, one to each student.

  • Put the picture of the house up on a wall or on the board.

  • Ask the students to talk to each other, share their clues so that they can decide where each person lives. Encourage fluency over accuracy.

  • The teacher should remain silent and collect language samples to give feedback after the game. You may intervene when it's absolutely necessary.

  • After the students have completed their task, ask them to give some feedback to each other on anything they come up with. Then, write some good samples of language you picked up to praise and some samples that need correction. Ask the whole class to contribute.


From left to right: Margaret, Bill, Susan, Tony, Mrs Roland

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