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5+1 Christmas Activities for the Classroom (and a Freebie!)

Let's admit it, Christmas is children's most favourite celebration of the year, and though it can be very fun for us teachers, too, it can be a very demanding period of time as we need to find new ideas each year and even design special lessons ourselves.

Worry not! We have some simple yet effective ideas on how to add some Christmas sparkle to your lesson.

1. Watch a short film and have a whole class discussion about it. A few ideas to help your lesson go smoothly:

a) Pre-teach and board vocabulary that your students don't know. They are

going to make associations while watching and then use it during your


b) Give your students a simple while-watching task. E.g. 'Count how many

animals you see' or 'What is the story trying to teach us?'

b) Pause and ask questions from time to time. This ensures that students are

paying attention.

c) Read the comments (if applicable/appropriate). You can discuss if you

agree or not with the people who have commented.

Recommended YouTube videos:

2. Follow instructions to create Christmas decorations like snowflakes and Christmas trees.

3. Try your luck with song writing and create your own Christmas carols! Brainstorm Christmassy rhyming words and have your students compete in teams for the best Christmas song. Then, find a rhythm you like and use pens, pencils, clapping and anything else you can imagine to add the music. Shoot a video with your students singing and playing the winning song.

4. Transform into actors for a little while and play a Christmas classic like 'A Christmas Carol'.

5. Cook a favourite Christmas recipe!

6. We saved the best for last! We have created a fun Christmas trivia quiz to play with your students. Get it here:

Christmas trivia quiz
Download PDF • 677KB

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